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County Louth is geographically the smallest of the 32 counties but what it lacks in size it makes up for in population density. Bisected by the M1 Motorway from Dublin to Belfast, the “Wee County” has two of the largest towns in the country, Dundalk and Drogheda. Between them they have a population of close to 80,000, nearly equally divided.

The presence of the motorway has coined the expression known as the “M1 Corridor”, used to promote the industrial and business attractiveness of the county. Certainly, it benefits greatly from the strong provision of infrastructure to attract Dublin and foreign business. Both Dundalk and Drogheda have ports, the Dublin Belfast rail line serves them both and the motorway means the M50 is 25 minutes from Drogheda and 40 minutes from Dundalk.

All of this makes both towns attractive for commuters working in Dublin with a plethora of bus services to compliment rail and car travel.

Dundalk has benefited more than Drogheda in recent years form new industry setting up in the county. Companies like PayPal, Warner Chilcott and Xerox are considerable employers in Dundalk and their presence is to be complimented in 2019 by the arrival of Chinese pharma giant, WuXi Biologics.

Less known about County Louth is the understated beauty of the Cooley Peninsula, north east of Dundalk. Here the Cooley Mountains meet the more famed Mourne Mountains with the beautiful medieval village of Carlingford as the nucleus. For those who have never visited it is certainly worth the trip.

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